Marketing Automation & Campaign Management In a CRM

When it comes to managing your budget and campaigns, do you have the tools you need to turn your creative genius into ROI?

As a marketing professional you are tasked with executing marketing initiatives that deliver results. A good CRM Solution gives you the tools to create full-scale, multi-channel marketing programs and manage them end-to-end with powerful campaign management and marketing automation capabilities.

From lead de-duplication and automatic lead routing to the ability to perform actions en masse, campaign management tools and marketing automation capabilities of a CRM software will help you increase marketing efficiencies, ensure data integrity, and uncomplicate the arduous task of importing and distributing leads.

Create, manage, and automate with CRM

End-to-End Campaign Management
Create and manage targeted, multi-channel campaigns with the feature of campaign management and marketing automation tools. CRM software gives you the power to seamlessly deploy and manage your campaigns from a single software solution. Define campaign stages, targeting your prospects through multiple mediums such as e-mail marketing, direct mail or telemarketing.

Marketing Automation That Makes Lead Management a Snap.

Manage your entire lead process with the power marketing automation tools. From lead import to opportunity conversion, you can easily monitor and gauge the effectiveness of your marketing investment. Easily import leads from trade shows, seminars, and purchased lists into the CRM using a step-by-step wizard. Perform lead de-duplication against existing leads before importing into your database and automate lead distribution to the appropriate team member based on predefined workflow rules.

Target Your Most Profitable Leads and Customers

Leverage campaign management and marketing automation tools to segment your customers and prospect lists into unique groups to create and launch e-mail marketing campaigns or telemarketing campaigns from within CRM Software

Measure and Report ROI
Take your campaign management to the next level with real-time campaign response data that helps you analyze the impact of campaigns that are in progress and make necessary adjustments on-the-fly. Leverage business intelligence tools to understand which campaigns have the most responses, best conversion rate, most compelling win/loss data, and much more.
Key Marketing Features Of a CRM Software:

•    Workflow Automation
•    Lead De-duplication
•    Campaign Management
•    Marketing Automation
•    Segmentation & Groups
•    Lead Management
•    Web Lead Capture
•    Lead Qualification
•    Marketing Resource Library
•    E-mail Marketing
•    Mail Merge
•    Campaign Response Tracking
•    Campaign Task Management
•    Budget & Revenue Tracking (ROI)


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