Improve Sales Management Process with CRM Solution

CRM solutions empower you with the tools and resources needed to effectively manage all aspects of the sales cycle and increase your sales team’s performance. With a CRM solution, you can more effectively manage opportunities, monitor and forecast sales activity, and automate key sales processes—shortening your sales cycle and helping your sales team to close more deals. Robust customization capabilities enable you to tailor to meet your unique selling environment. And, good CRM solutions offers flexible access points to your critical CRM data, including Windows, Web, or mobile devices, without sacrificing functionality or usability.

Get a Complete View of Customer Information

Your sales reps can view all interactions for accounts, contacts, and leads in an easy-to learn and use interface so they have access to the information they need to be successful in their role. All customer interactions, including notes, opportunities, activities, purchased products, marketing campaign information, tickets, and more can be viewed and shared—so your sales reps can better sell to and service customers.

Manage Sales Opportunities for Maximum Effectiveness

Access vital opportunity data to forecast revenue, make adjustments in territories, and drive more deals to a close. Opportunity Management enables you to view and interact with key opportunity data through dashboards, robust reports, and advanced business analytics tool that integrates with the CRM solution. You can track the stages of a sales cycle, gauge the likelihood of closing sales, forecast revenue, understand win/loss data, and more so you can take corrective action or make more strategic decisions, such as territory realignment.

Boost Your Sales Team’s Productivity

Automate sales processes to maximize team productivity and shorten the sales cycle. CRM solution enables you to customize and automate sales processes—driving sales to a close faster. Implement proven standardized sales methodologies, such as Solution Selling or create custom sales processes based on criteria you define. Sales team members are prompted to complete tasks such as making phone calls, scheduling meetings and more—increasing their productivity and ensuring all steps are followed in a proven sales technique. You can also automate lead distribution to individuals or teams so hot leads can be acted on fast!

Provide Your Mobile Workforce with Access

 CRM solution uniquely enables you to deploy access methods that are best for your sales organization. With Windows, Web, and mobile client deployment options on popular devices such as BlackBerry® and Windows Mobile® (Pocket PC and Smartphone), your sales force has access to complete Sage CRM solution information, whether connected or disconnected, without sacrificing functionality, usability, or robust customizations.

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