What’s New in Sage CRM V7

More than ever, businesses are focusing on becoming process efficient and looking for ways to make their staff more productive. Sage CRM is a powerful product from Sage which manages every aspect of your customer interactions, provides powerful insight into the performance of your business and your staff, and drives user productivity. Sage CRM prides itself on its ease-of-use, ease-of-customization and its fast, flexible deployment.

Sage CRM v7 delivers on these goals with a brand new interactive dashboard and other productivity-enhancing features The new look and feel of Sage CRM v7 makes it easier to use and offers greater choice of interface designs, delivering greater personalization options and helping drive user adoption across the organization

The interactive dashboard delivers a rich, user-driven workspace and experience

●     Enables users to control and action activity from a single workspace

●     Enables users to customise the layout of dashboard gadgets using drag and drop capabilities

●     Comes with a library of pre-installed roles-based dashboards for Sales, Marketing, Customer Services and Management to deliver relevant content and immediate productivity gains to users and teams

●     Offers businesses the option to create dashboard templates for each department, individual or group of individuals for maximum flexibility

●     Enables users to manage their sales pipeline, check stock control from integrated Sage ERP systems, monitor industry news, manage their calendar and tasks, and monitor leads all from the same screen in real-time

●     Integrates with LinkedIn®, offering users powerful networking opportunities

●     Surfaces websites directly on to the dashboard through a website gadget, maximizing relevant content

●     Delivers users with a direct link to the Sage CRM Ecosystem of product add-ons and community forums for ease-of-use

●     Empowers businesses with a single view of relevant and comprehensive information for informed decision-making

●     Enables users to define their own personalised and intuitive workspace ensuring that all content is relevant and appropriate to their needs

●     Enhances the user experience and maximises the productivity of staff

●     Gadgets can be dynamically linked enabling users to drill-down into customer information without switching between screens

Personalize the look and feel of your workspace

To further enhance the user experience, Sage CRM v7 comes with a New Look User Interface (UI), delivering a fresh, modern look and feel. Sage CRM comes with a choice of UIs, enabling the user to personalise the look and feel of Sage CRM to their own preference, driving user adoption across the organisation.

Get users up and running faster with the active directory import feature.

The new Active Directory import feature in Sage CRM v7 allows IT administrators to import a batch of users from your Windows® network into Sage CRM quickly and easily. This speeds up deployment time by enabling administrators to get users up and running faster. With the Active Directory import feature, Sage CRM can connect to an Active Directory server that lists and controls network logons. Those users within the directory are then not only filtered and imported easily

User templates can be applied and passwords can be emailed quickly and efficiently to users through Sage CRM. Businesses can keep standard logons across the network which increases IT productivity and reduces administrative overheads.

The new features in Sage CRM v7 boost user productivity, drive CRM adoption across the organisation and further enhance the user and owner experience significantly.

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