Contact Management software for professionals in India

Relationship management is the one of the new buzz words of today’s technology world but in today’s world, instant access to contact information is critical to a successful business. Maintaining healthy relationship with customers is primary need of each and every business. All businesses are dependent on consumers, so they make each and every effort to attract customer’s attention and increase their number. Conventional CRM programs help companies manage sales opportunities that typically end with the deal being either closed or lost. For professional service-based companies, such as those in the financial, legal and consulting industries, converting a potential customer into a client is the beginning of securing and maintaining a long-term, client-based relationship.

In the earlier days, relationships were managed by an address book, file cabinet etc. The problem was, you couldn’t find the information you were looking for in a timely manner and key contacts were often lost.

As professional services firms adjust to the ups and downs of economic cycles, executives are pressured to more efficiently manage their practices to attract, serve, and retain customers. The name of the game is selling expertise in the professional services industry. The vertical is governed not by traditional durable goods, but by intellectual property. Without the ability to physically demonstrate a product, word-of-mouth endorsements and leads from colleagues are critical for professional services organizations, which include accounting, consulting, IT services, financial services, and law firms. The challenge plaguing many professional services firms is to get people to share knowledge. To overcome these challenges, executives are adopting customer relationship management (CRM) solutions.

Contact management software allows  professionals  to:

  • Organize all the details of prospects, leads and clients relationships in one place.
  • Get 360 degree view by managing complete history of interactions with prospects/customers
  • Schedule and prioritize tasks
  • Launch and manage  marketing initiatives including mass mailing campaigns.
  • Take action on your most qualified sales leads with total visibility of your sales pipeline.
  • Management reporting for improved business decision making
  • Stay focused by automating daily to-dos and schedules
  • View others calenders and task lists from your workstation
  • Delegate work to administrative personnel

Effective contact management is an absolute necessity for any business in today’s highly competitive environment. Contact management software gives you a method or track which can make the difference in your business.

Which Software is Right for you

You can check ACT! By Sage India, this is one of the best selling Contact Management Software in India and abroad at a very normal price. You can visit to know more.


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