HR Letter Module of Payroll Software

Payroll software reduces the work load of HR employees of company and other staff. In addition to that it also facilitates confidentiality, produce error-free information automatically and faster access of HR related information of various branches. It manages the entire information of the Employees from the time they are recruited till the time they leave the company.

The HR Letter module of Payroll Software enable the HR or administrator to create any number of formats and templates for appointment letter, relieving letter, salary certificate, experience certificate and other important documents that can be saved and used in the future. This module enables data mapping from the Employee master in the payroll module so that relevant data from here can be merged with the required template to produce HR letters. It lets you centralize all important letter creation through Software. It helps team to take out Offer letters, Appointment Letters, Increment Letters, Award Letters, Transfer Letters, FnF letters etc from system at a click of a button

Some of the letters which are used by HR team which are managed at a central location of the Payroll system can be accessed by all the team members efficiently across the employee lifecycle process

Applicant Letters

Call Letter: This is used when a call is made to the Applicant after the interview. It contains information like applicants details, call details, post given.

Offer Letter: This is used when offering a job to the Applicant after the interview. It contains information like Applicants details, Interview No., Interview Date, Offer No., Offer date, Post, Salary etc.

Appointment Letter: This is used when an applicant is appointed for the job, after accepting the offer, after the interview. It contains information like application No., application date, Offer No., Basic Pay, Employment duration etc.

Employee Letters

Increment Letter: This is used when an Increment is given to the employee. It contains information like Employee Details, Letter No., Basic Pay, Increment, Effective From etc.

Resignation Letter Report: This is used when an employee is resigning. It contains Employee details, Reason for resigning, Resign date, Relieving date etc.

Final Settlement Letter: This is used to settle the employee’s account when he/she is leaving the job. It contains Employee Details, Date of leaving, Amount to be paid, Amount to be deducted and Net payable.

A flexible HR Letter Module simplifies the way HR team manage templates that they use at different stages of employee lifecycle. With this module providing, quick-tab navigation system, helps to track all types of templates in one location instead of sifting through paper file or multiple spreadsheets.

For a small and medium enterprise, investment in software to automate processes is crucial in terms of cost and benefits. That’s why it is important to choose a solution which is easy to use, customizable to the specific business situations, scalable and robust with tools for making software meet the needs of growing business. Essentially, it should help to streamline the entire process, making the task of processing payroll less time-consuming and error free.


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