CRM leader : or Oracle.

This week is Oracle OpenWorld and that means more awkward co-opetition between Oracle and its “frenemies.” Once again, Oracle will be sharing the stage with partners/competitors like HP, IBM and SAP. This year, the friction that really seems to have most enterprise software bloggers atwitter is the increasingly intense rivalry with

The cloud computing darling – led by Ellison’s protege Mark Benioff – has gained just enough buzz (and market share) to draw withering fire from the vociferous Ellison.

Of course, Salesforce is a large Oracle customer – running its data centers on Oracle databases and middleware. As such, Benioff and Salesforce are featuring prominently on the Moscone Center floor, as well as the stage. Awkward!

Lets take a look back at some of the cloud-computing barbs that have flowed back and forth over the last year. Is it us, or is Larry coming around to cloud computing?….

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