Cloud Computing- The upcoming platform for CRM Applications

So what is cloud computing? The answer- Cloud computing is a platform which enables you to run your applications as you need it in an On- Demand Format you don’t invest in infrastructure including hardware and software. Basic examples would include services like Gmail and Facebook. Today business applications like CRM and ERP software’s are available on the cloud. Out of the two applications CRM software’s are available with wider set of functionalities and through multiple vendors.

CRM applications have become very popular on the cloud format primary reasons being:

–         Quick Deployment with minimal effort

–         Quick user adoption with a minimum investment upfront

–         Availability to use the software as an service On demand service

Unlike ERP applications CRM software automates the customer facing side of an organization like sales activity tracking, marketing and customer care. Automation of these functions are not mission critical and since the applications are used by customer facing teams including sales and support teams user adoption has always being a major challenge. Conventional on-site CRM applications involved investments in the software upfront which would go down the drain if user adoption is absent. CRM on the cloud gives organizations the flexibility to start using the application with minimal upfront investment.

The cloud format offers CRM stake holders, for example sales team access to the application anytime anywhere. The sales guy can access an important proposal or the last communication before getting into a meeting, even on his blackberry device. The senior management also has a through idea of the sales team performance on the fly.

With a concept of a dedicated or a private cloud coming up customizations have also become very easy. New fields, custom pages and entities can be added workflows can be configured mapping company specific processes. This means every company can tweak their CRM instance as per the industry they operate in and their unique requirements.

Although CRM on the cloud is the next big thing an organizations should keep certain factors in mind before the choosing the cloud as a platform

–         The expenditure on the application is recurring (In most cases per user per month)

–         If an organization has a large sales and customer service teams, ROI calculation should be done between a cloud and an onsite platform

–         Integration with other applications as a requirement should be studied

–         Flexibility of moving from the cloud to an onsite format should also be available


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