3G Services and Social Media Marketing in India

An average Indian user spending nearly Rs. 300 on there mobile needs. All majors’ telecom companies in India spending Rs. One trillion, you can say near about two times the national income of Afghanistan, on 3G Service and Broadband Wireless access (BWA).

But really Rs. 1 trillion fulfill the needs of 3G Services in India, The answer of this question is, No, Because another 2.5 trillion recover that need to setup 3G Services and BWA network .And after setup this service in India assuming that Indian telecom companies quickly get 200 million customers to signup there service and will spend more than an average Rs. 300 on there mobile needs.

Today we are just behind china, near about 600 million mobile user’s .After 3G and BWA SERVICES. Indian can access high speed internet and data experience. In India meager 9 million wireline connection  with anything above 256 kbps speed in broadband but in developed world where 2mbps speed in there wireline broadband connection. But when 3G and BWA service comes to India and with all there services the here is too speed with up to 14mbps. And you can say this wireline broadband is the key factor for success of 3G in India.

In Indian telecom sector estimate nearly 177 million mobile users access internet service or you can say web service through there mobiles. Nowadays mobile users not only access internet service but also engaging social networking and want to connect there friends.” Social Networking are basically define as a interaction between a group of people who share a common interest; Using social contacts to network; Using internet’s network groups (Like  Facebook and Twitter and more other Social Networking Sites) to network and communicate between consumers and businesses”

So now every telecom companies giving full opportunism to his customers and also wants to grabbing all opportunities through social marketing service. You can click single button to access facebook, twitter and other social networking sites on your mobile. The result may be exciting facebook user’s base in India double from 5 million users to 10 million users and it becomes no. 1 social networking site in India, ahead of Google Orkut and half of them Facebook users access the site through there mobile.

Not only users  but also companies getting more attention on mobile internet access for social sites, They are spending and providing more information on theses sites  and getting more Fans and followers, Users access these site and get information within second with fast speed.

So the basic of principal of this is in, Today world everyone wants information and share information very fast. And mobile internet service and also new generation Mobile TV are coming with lots of features.

So, 3G and BWA Services in India will give you more speed in your finger to move on Mobile Keypad.