Retail Stock Brokerage and Wealth Management Firms Enhance Customer Equity with Sage CRM

The recent stock market boom in India has resulted in a lot of erstwhile small to mid sized stock brokers expanding to become larger in size and scale with a network of sub brokers and an extensive direct sales team to cater to the increasing number of individual investors in the market. Retail brokerages have also diversified to extend Wealth Management services covering stock trading, investments in mutual funds, insurance products, and a host of other retail financial products. The focus has also been on advisory services to strengthen the ‘stickiness’ in their relationship. We now have a new breed of ‘relationship managers’ that dot the financial services business. This sudden business expansion has made it imperative for these companies to adopt new technologies and proven best practices in CRM to ensure customer satisfaction, profitability and productivity.


Typically, brokerages advertise in various media to generate enquiries. Leads get generated through e-mail, phone-ins, web registrations or walk-ins and are generally captured at their in-house Call Center. These are then routed by the Customer Service team to the concerned sales person, sub broker or agent based on location and expertise. These leads are further qualified, profiled and their credit worthiness checked before initiating a relationship with them. If the leads are managed and allocated manually, it is quite possible that a number of them may slip through the cracks and get lost. Furthermore, brokerage companies spend huge amounts of money on advertising and other campaigns. Since there is no established process to track the effectiveness of these campaigns and calculate the return on investment from business generated through these leads, the company is unable to determine which marketing program is actually driving increased business and often unable to optimize their Marketing investments.

After an account is set up the customer starts building up his investment portfolio through trading and other investments. In the course of these transactions, he is likely to have a number of queries or issues related to system access, funds credit, account status, asset appreciation and other updates. These queries and complaints need to be captured and addressed in a timely fashion or escalated for intervention and action while maintaining acceptable turnaround times.

Time is of essence in this business therefore any delays in responding to customer issues can result in customer dissatisfaction and potential attrition. The company also needs to maintain internal timeline service commitments for responding to queries to ensure that their customers remain satisfied. Automated systems are required to ensure the right persons are involved to address specific issues with proper controls and an escalation process in place. Detailed trading and investment information of customers is generally available in disparate systems depending on the investment type, namely, stock trades, insurance, mutual funds. Since this cannot be easily accessed by the customer service team, they are sometimes unable to respond to simple customer queries in real-time. If data on customer transactions were to be made available to the customer service team, they would have a 360 degree view of the customer which would greatly reduce the time taken to address customer issues and improve customer delight.


 Sage CRM is an easy to use, fast to deploy, feature rich Customer Relationship Management software with out-of-box and configurable business processes. With modules for sales, marketing and customer service. Sage CRM comes with features such as lead management, sales automation, customer service, campaign management, interactive Dashboards and reports.

Using Sage CRM, leads can be managed across multiple channels like Phone, E-mail, SMS, Web enquiries, and Walkins. Leads are tracked from first contact to final closure with a well defined work flow that has built in assignment and escalation rules. An example of this would be where a sales person ‘on the move’ gets a lead assigned to him on his mobile via SMS based on his territorial responsibility. He is therefore able to take action instantly and efficiently utilize his time on the road. It also enables the sales team to effectively analyze and manage the sales pipeline and review the history of each prospect, hence reducing administrative tasks to a minimum. Sales representatives and managers can have instant access to sales reports, graphs and forecasts for immediate analysis and decision-making.

 Sage CRM customer service enables the Call center of the brokerage house to streamline call ins, E-mails and other contact points into a central repository and enable a smooth interaction with end customers. With Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), Sage CRM enables a seamless handover process from call-ins. The Customer service rep can retrieve the appropriate customer record to quickly address customer issues. Similar process is established with e-mails sent in by customers. Information availability is complete with the necessary integration of Sage CRM with back-end transaction systems which makes the job of the Customer service rep even more seamless. The solution also tracks every customer interaction which ensures that the most up-to-date information is available. It helps users adhere to work-flow processes whereby customer issues that remain inactive for a predefined period of time, are automatically escalated. By enabling bidirectional exchange of customer data and consolidation of customer transaction and communication information on a single screen, Sage CRM provides customer service professionals with a 360-degree view of the customer. They can access relevant information including transactions, calls and escalation history and all communication sent and received. The built-in reporting function comes in a userfriendly and presentable format so that details of customer issues and requests can be analyzed easily.


 Sage CRM offers the following key business benefits to stock brokerage and wealth management firms :

1. Streamlines the Lead Management process thereby ensuring that leads are not lost.

2. Build up Risk profiles of customers to leverage future product selling opportunities.

3. Integrate the Call center with the Sales and Operations teams to offer a seamless  experience to customers.

4. Enable relationship managers to have a 360º view of their customers thereby ensuring a more proactive approach to managing them.

5. Integrate disparate systems within the organization thereby eliminating ‘silos’ of information and improving operational efficiencies.

6. Improve customer servicing capabilities with better response times and more empowered customer service reps which in turn leads to higher customer satisfaction levels.


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Top Reasons for Popularity of Hosted CRM

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is a growing phenomenon in worldwide business today. From the original ideas of outsourcing the data center and having third parties manage the software (the ASP movement of the turn of the century) to true SaaS today, the tsunami of outsourced IT and new methods of accessing business software solutions has created a multi-billion dollar market.

But first we will define the terms we are using. Consider the following industry definitions:

 • On-Premise

– Software developed internally or purchased as a user license

– An up-front capital expense

– Software that runs entirely within the hardware systems of its owner or licensee

– The consumer is responsible for the management of the software installed

– Customers may be on many different releases of the software

 • Hosted software/ On Demand Software

– Licensed software for which the supporting infrastructure and application support is outsourced to a third party

– Single tenant software

– The consumer may configure the software, but the technical infrastructure that hosts the software and its management is outsourced

The business reasons for the very high adoption rates of SaaS, as stated by industry analysts, include:

• More rapid access to state-of-the-art technology

• Shift in focus to core business management, rather than disproportionate attention on the    computer environment

• More rapid time-to-production

• Improved security, performance, and availability

• Reliable access to data, anywhere, anytime

• Greater ability to scale as business needs change

   Lower cost of business solution ownership

  •  Predictability of costs over time
  •  Avoidance of technology lock-in
  •  Increased risk mitigation with better support for compliance

 Top Reasons for Popularity of On Demand CRM’s are:

 Freedom of Choice – True Platform Flexibility

 Most growing businesses eventually migrate to an inhouse CRM system to satisfy the need for sophisticated, end-to-end process integration. Hosted CRM’s today provides the capability to seamlessly move to an on-site CRM system giving the user platform flexibility

 Deployment in Days

 With Hosted CRM solutions there’s nothing to install, so you can get started without calling your IT department or waiting for a consultant’s help. In fact, you and your entire team can be up and running on the CRM in a matter of days.


With hosted CRM solutions, one low price gets you everything you need—your CRM application, support, training, backups, updates, and more—without large, upfront software and hardware investments or a dedicated system administrator. Your CRM costs scale according to your organization’s growth.


Everything from the user interface to workflows to accounts and order information reporting has been developed for ease of use. Plus, because these solutions integrate seamlessly with leading mailing solutions like Microsoft Outlook, you can conveniently use powerful CRM features from within the Outlook interface

Easily Customizable (no programming required)

Today hosted CRM solutions easily adapt to the way you work by letting you define your own processes. You can define specific workflows unique to your business, describe your own fields, profile key attributes and create your own screens, tabs, lists and views—without having to do any programming.

Critical Customer Information Access to Mobile Workforce

Real-time data at your fingertips anytime and anywhere with wireless connectivity and enhanced support for PDA devices using Pocket PC operating systems. PDA users can access a full range of functions both online and off, including the ability to view reports, update contacts and sales opportunities, qualify leads, track customer issues, and manager tasks and calendars. Anytime synchronization with your central CRM system translates into higher productivity and reduced costs.

Built-In Workflows

Keep everyone on the same page with CRM workflows that allow your entire team to follow identical processes. With hosted CRM software’s, you can see exactly where each sale or project is and when it’s expected to be complete.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Hosted CRM solutions provides 24-hour secured access anywhere in the world. No matter where your employees are, they’ve got complete access to the data they need most. Plus, with wireless device support, your salespeople can access prospect information on their handheld PDAs.

 Seamless Off-the-Shelf Integration

 View customer account payables and receivables, order information, and more! Hosted CRM offers seamless integration to all of your accounting activities, presenting a true 360-degree view of your customers, and empowering your staff to provide enhanced service.
Sage India is one of the most popular companies for Hosted CRM in India.

Improve Sales Management Process with CRM Solution

CRM solutions empower you with the tools and resources needed to effectively manage all aspects of the sales cycle and increase your sales team’s performance. With a CRM solution, you can more effectively manage opportunities, monitor and forecast sales activity, and automate key sales processes—shortening your sales cycle and helping your sales team to close more deals. Robust customization capabilities enable you to tailor to meet your unique selling environment. And, good CRM solutions offers flexible access points to your critical CRM data, including Windows, Web, or mobile devices, without sacrificing functionality or usability.

Get a Complete View of Customer Information

Your sales reps can view all interactions for accounts, contacts, and leads in an easy-to learn and use interface so they have access to the information they need to be successful in their role. All customer interactions, including notes, opportunities, activities, purchased products, marketing campaign information, tickets, and more can be viewed and shared—so your sales reps can better sell to and service customers.

Manage Sales Opportunities for Maximum Effectiveness

Access vital opportunity data to forecast revenue, make adjustments in territories, and drive more deals to a close. Opportunity Management enables you to view and interact with key opportunity data through dashboards, robust reports, and advanced business analytics tool that integrates with the CRM solution. You can track the stages of a sales cycle, gauge the likelihood of closing sales, forecast revenue, understand win/loss data, and more so you can take corrective action or make more strategic decisions, such as territory realignment.

Boost Your Sales Team’s Productivity

Automate sales processes to maximize team productivity and shorten the sales cycle. CRM solution enables you to customize and automate sales processes—driving sales to a close faster. Implement proven standardized sales methodologies, such as Solution Selling or create custom sales processes based on criteria you define. Sales team members are prompted to complete tasks such as making phone calls, scheduling meetings and more—increasing their productivity and ensuring all steps are followed in a proven sales technique. You can also automate lead distribution to individuals or teams so hot leads can be acted on fast!

Provide Your Mobile Workforce with Access

 CRM solution uniquely enables you to deploy access methods that are best for your sales organization. With Windows, Web, and mobile client deployment options on popular devices such as BlackBerry® and Windows Mobile® (Pocket PC and Smartphone), your sales force has access to complete Sage CRM solution information, whether connected or disconnected, without sacrificing functionality, usability, or robust customizations.

CRM Solutions providers like Sage India have various CRM solutions for SME and SMB’s based on requirements and size of organizations. You can visit to know more.

Customer Support- A key element of a CRM Software

When it comes to resolving customer issues quickly, increasing customer satisfaction, and building customer loyalty, is your customer service software helping you achieve your performance goals?

Managing and streamlining operations for service teams is imperative to creating a customer experience that gives you a competitive advantage. CRM solutions with customer support capabilities provides your customer service teams with a complete view of all customer interactions so they can better service and support your customers.

From advanced service ticket management and return management tools to robust reporting and business analytics capabilities, CRM software puts you in control of your customer’s experience. From powerful capabilities that empower your front-line reps to quickly answer customer questions or resolve issues or requests, to reporting and tracking capabilities that enable you to measure your team’s success.

Deliver a differentiating customer experience

 Get a Complete View of Your Customers
With powerful CRM customer service software you get a complete view of your customers’ relationship with your organization in a single easy-to-use interface. Track your customers’ interactions while providing your team with all the details they need to service your customers well.

Gain Insight into Team Performance

Gain a deeper understanding of your team’s performance and overall support levels through reporting, service ticket management, defect tracking, and advanced business analytics tools

Get Instant Notification of Urgent Customer Issues

A good CRM solution helps you stay in the know when it comes to proactive monitoring of urgent customer issues. Receive instant alerts automatically via e-mail or fax on your pager, PDA, or Web browser when critical events occur so you can take the appropriate action to ensure your customer service levels are not jeopardized.

Empower Customers with Convenient Options

Empower your customers to get the support they need 24/7 with  Self-service Web Portal and enhance your customer’s experience while reducing service and support costs. Your customers can view, add, or edit service tickets and submit comments or attachments via the Web – plus they can search your knowledge base for answers to their questions.

Uncover Sales Opportunitie

With customer service automation software, your reps get instant access to account status, shipping information, pricing, and the ability to generate quotes, helping them to uncover hidden sales opportunities for add-on business with your existing customers

Key Features of a CRM Customer Service Module

• Account & Contact Management
• Ticket Management
• Service Contract Management
• SpeedSearch
• Knowledge Base
• Standard Problems & Resolutions
• Asset Management
• Reporting
• Notification & Alerts
• Web Customer Portal
• Returns
• Defect Tracking

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Marketing Automation & Campaign Management In a CRM

When it comes to managing your budget and campaigns, do you have the tools you need to turn your creative genius into ROI?

As a marketing professional you are tasked with executing marketing initiatives that deliver results. A good CRM Solution gives you the tools to create full-scale, multi-channel marketing programs and manage them end-to-end with powerful campaign management and marketing automation capabilities.

From lead de-duplication and automatic lead routing to the ability to perform actions en masse, campaign management tools and marketing automation capabilities of a CRM software will help you increase marketing efficiencies, ensure data integrity, and uncomplicate the arduous task of importing and distributing leads.

Create, manage, and automate with CRM

End-to-End Campaign Management
Create and manage targeted, multi-channel campaigns with the feature of campaign management and marketing automation tools. CRM software gives you the power to seamlessly deploy and manage your campaigns from a single software solution. Define campaign stages, targeting your prospects through multiple mediums such as e-mail marketing, direct mail or telemarketing.

Marketing Automation That Makes Lead Management a Snap.

Manage your entire lead process with the power marketing automation tools. From lead import to opportunity conversion, you can easily monitor and gauge the effectiveness of your marketing investment. Easily import leads from trade shows, seminars, and purchased lists into the CRM using a step-by-step wizard. Perform lead de-duplication against existing leads before importing into your database and automate lead distribution to the appropriate team member based on predefined workflow rules.

Target Your Most Profitable Leads and Customers

Leverage campaign management and marketing automation tools to segment your customers and prospect lists into unique groups to create and launch e-mail marketing campaigns or telemarketing campaigns from within CRM Software

Measure and Report ROI
Take your campaign management to the next level with real-time campaign response data that helps you analyze the impact of campaigns that are in progress and make necessary adjustments on-the-fly. Leverage business intelligence tools to understand which campaigns have the most responses, best conversion rate, most compelling win/loss data, and much more.
Key Marketing Features Of a CRM Software:

•    Workflow Automation
•    Lead De-duplication
•    Campaign Management
•    Marketing Automation
•    Segmentation & Groups
•    Lead Management
•    Web Lead Capture
•    Lead Qualification
•    Marketing Resource Library
•    E-mail Marketing
•    Mail Merge
•    Campaign Response Tracking
•    Campaign Task Management
•    Budget & Revenue Tracking (ROI)


Companies like Sage India’s CRM Suite provide marketing automation and campaign management. You can visit to know more.


Getting to Know You, Getting to Know All About You

Retaining your most valuable assets during a recession


Every business needs a loyal customer base – customers who will keep coming back to you – through thick and thin. And above all, you need to retain your most highly valued and profitable customers. That’s why it’s pertinent for your company to ask, and find out, what drives your customers’ loyalty?

To help answer this question, you will need to find out who your customers are, what they want/value from you and what drives them to come back to you time and time again. In a recent article on the website[1], an example was cited of how a major French supermarket chose to keep selling a premium product, despite its recent fall in sales, because an analysis of their customers’ behaviour from their CRM system revealed that it was their most valued and loyal customers who were the main purchasers of the product. Instead of risking the loss of these essential customers, they chose to make a loss on the premium product in hopes of gaining sales from elsewhere.

A CRM solution enables you to focus on improving loyalty by making it easy for you to capture, analyse and utilise relevant customer data. One of the most popular areas that a CRM solution can assist you with is developing and maintaining a customer loyalty programme. By using the data you collect on your customers you can analyse their specific preferences to design discounts or offers that match their needs. The marketing functionality of a CRM solution helps you to easily create targeted marketing campaigns that are tailored to your customers’ requirements and give a personal touch.

According to the latest Gartner marketing report, “The Top Six CRM Marketing Processes for a Cost-Constrained Economy,” by Kimberly Collins, one of the main marketing activities during a recession is to safeguard the customers you have.  As we all know, it’s much less expensive to retain your existing customer than to acquire new ones.  With a CRM system, you can determine the value of your customers and understand customer churn.  Early detections of reasons for customers to churn can allow you to take action before the customer walks away.  Companies with an effective customer retention programme will more likely reduce churn from their profitable customers.

By focusing on your customer base and enhancing customer loyalty, you are leveraging your most crucial assets, making your marketing programmes accountable and driving notable results during tough economic conditions.

Imagine your top sales rep calls your best customer to sell him a new product. What he doesn’t know is that the customer initiated a service ticket last week which was not responded. Needless to say the call goes badly.

Same Customer different scenario- This time your sales rep and your customer service rep know everything about the customer and the health of the account. You know how much he has bought over the years, how timely his payments are and how seldom he raises issues. So they satisfactorily resolve his concerns and boosts his confidence in your company. And as a result, he pays in timely manner and agrees to purchasing the new product.

Does the second scenario sounds impossible? Not so, This is the power and effectiveness of CRM. By integrating your Sales, Marketing and Customer Service Functions, CRM makes it easier for everyone inside your company to work together and share critical information. Sales, marketing and customer service teams gain the tool they need to find new customers, close sales faster and build lasting, more profitable relationships.

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Sage India launches ACT! by Sage 2010 Contact And Customer Manager Integrates Social Networking

Sage India launches ACT! by Sage 2010 Contact And Customer Manager Integrates Social Networking Tools To Help Businesses Better Research, Market To And Acquire More Customers


ACT! advancements also include new navigation, integrated E-marketing services, new turnkey dashboards and enhanced reports


New Delhi – 2009 – Sage India, which provides business management software and services to small and midsize businesses in India, today announced the new ACT! by Sage 2010 contact and customer manager. New features include integration with social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn® and Plaxo, compatibility with a subscription-based ACT! E-marketing service, and fully customizable opportunities to support various sales models. ACT! 2010 also debuts a new look and user navigation that achieves 25 percent higher productivity than competing systems according to a Keystroke Level Modeling competitive study conducted by Measuring Usability, LLC.


“Social media can augment contact management and CRM systems with valuable information to help marketers create more thorough customer profiles,” explains Sheryl Kingstone, director of enterprise research, Yankee Group. “Tools like ACT! are advancing integration of social media into the sales cycle so users can develop more meaningful and profitable customer relationships.”


Thomas Abraham, Managing Director, Sage India, said “ ACT! has an installed base of over 700 customers in India and is the best selling solution for Lead Management, Sales Automation & Contact Management in India. With this new version the value we bring to Indian SMB’s is significant and should definitely accelerate adoption rate for cost effective Sales Management applications.”


New ACT! 2010 features and enhancements:


  • Social Media Technology brings information from social networking profiles and tools including Linked In®, Face book, Twitter, Google Maps™, Google News™, Plaxo and ZoomInfo, among others, conveniently into ACT! contact records so users can quickly collect and learn more information about their customers and prospects.



  • New Look & Navigation makes ACT! even easier to learn and provides instant access to search functions from any view. Big “easy” buttons take users to tasks most often used and related tasks are grouped for efficient use in contact, group and opportunity views. A new Welcome Page displays help information, tips, news and common tasks on one screen.



  • New subscription-based ACT! E-marketing Service provides templates for e-mail design, survey and Web forms for gathering recipient feedback, drip marketing controls for automating campaigns with multiple e-mails, and a marketing results tab for identifying the most qualified prospects to follow up with based on e-mail open and click-through metrics.



  • Sales Tracking Enhancements display opportunities within customizable ACT! contacts, groups and companies so users can easily track history and set security options for each.



  • Dashboard Views & Reports help ACT! users manage their sales pipeline with new contacts and administrative dashboards, 12 new dashboard charts and 13 new reports for identifying and better understanding the biggest sales opportunities. A new reports view lets users see all available reports, mark favorites for quick access, and customize descriptions to fit personal needs.




Sage is connecting with ACT! by Sage customers on several social networking sites including the ACT! Online Community (, Facebook (, Twitter (, LinkedIn® (, Plaxo (, MySpace ( and YouTube (



ACT! by Sage is the #1 selling Contact and Customer Manager worldwide with over 2.8 million users. ACT! users can organize all the details of their customer relationships in one place to improve marketing effectiveness, attract new customers, and create more value from existing relationships. Complete sales pipeline visibility helps ACT! users identify and take action on the most qualified sales opportunities. ACT! is easy to use and integrates with existing business solutions including Microsoft Outlook®, Word, Excel® and Lotus Notes®. For more information call +91 11 40712488 or visit


About Sage India
The business of Sage is guided by five principles, which shape everything they do and how they do it, namely, Simplicity, Agility, Integrity, Trust & Innovation.

Sage has been present in India since 2001 with Head office in New Delhi with branches in Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai and over 40 employees in India across Sales, Pre Sales, Technical Support, Professional Services, R&D and Finance.  Sage has over 50 partners in India who sell and implement its solutions and over 1200 customers use Sage products in India.

Sage products in India are,

  • Sage Accpac ERP     Sage SalesLogix     Sage CRM     ACT! by Sage     Sage Pocket