Do you feel there is a need to change your payroll software?

When Payroll and Human Resource are critical components of every organization and payroll software is a very useful tool to manage these processes. Managing them manually can be complex, costly and time consuming. However, payroll software solution can give the ability to manage these critical elements so effectively that the results will have direct—and positive—impact on company’s bottom-line. Most payroll software provides the core functionality such as generating payroll, tax reporting, tax filing, etc

Business goes across different stages of the business lifecycle and no one expects business to stay the same indefinitely. Companies envision their businesses growing far beyond their beginnings. With this growth comes an increase in employees and a burden of harder to manage Payroll information. If you are already using payroll software then upgrading to new payroll software can be an important decision for the company at the growing phase. The wrong payroll software at the wrong time of the business lifecycle can prove to be a waste of time/money and can limit your options as your company grows. A few considerations to be kept in mind at the time when company is changing/upgrading the software are :

Change in the Structure – As company grows there is a change in the way company functions or if there is an alteration in the basic structure, business processes, increase in number of employees then entry level payroll software may not be suitable for a larger organization. For instance, if the number of employees being tracked has changed considerably over the last few years or if the existing employees are being made to perform a multiple range of functions and duties, then it would be advisable to change the software if the existing software cannot take care of all the processes or if each employee is required to enter the details manually. At the time when you are buying payroll software it is important to keep in mind the scalability of the software with respect to the growth of the business.

Security – If the software that you are currently using to maintain employee records doesn’t have advanced and stringent security measures which can easily allow break-in or tamper with records then this can be one of the considerations to change the existing system as it will mar the very purpose of the payroll systems. It is a fact that such records influence the employee’s rating and further increments and bonuses to a major extent. In such a scenario, it is important to have a system with stringent security measures.

Efficiency – When the team is spending more time to perform simple task. If the older payroll software, takes four to five steps to accomplish simple tasks such as entering invoices and payroll generation etc. then in that the company should switch to a more powerful system that can meet business needs and save time.

Timing – Timing is important when planning to change the payroll software as most of the companies find it easiest to make the transition at certain times during the year. The best to change the payroll software is immediately after a quarter-end or more commonly after year-end. Starting a new year with a new system is particularly convenient because it allows you to simply import historical data from the previous year or two and start a new year with zero balances in the system. You will start fresh with new quarter, but will have to convert calendar year information related to employee taxes, deductions etc.

Generally companies find themselves in their comfort zone when the need to change the software arises. If the reason you do not want to move to a newer system is because you are afraid of change, you should think twice. Sticking to a system which doesn’t serve the end purpose and is not adding any value in the growth of the business will only hurt your business in the long run.

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Choosing the right payroll vendor

As companies move from one phase of the business lifecycle to another phase, the payroll process becomes more complicated and tedious and if companies do not give up on manual methods of managing the whole process they would end up wasting a lot of time doing paper work. By deploying the right payroll program, payroll processes become easier and quick. Processes that usually take several days can be carried out in minutes with the help of software. This is why payroll software has become the need of the hour and choosing the right payroll vendor is all the more important.

When choosing a payroll software vendor, there are numerous considerations that must be taken into account when narrowing down the choices.  Some basic considerations while choosing the vendor are enumerated as below

Vendor Track Record

Payroll is your company’s important expenditure, and is certainly the most visible business process to your employees. When choosing a payroll solution, it’s important to select an established vendor with a proven track record in offering excellent payroll products and support. When evaluating the reputation of a potential payroll software vendor, it is important to note how long the company has been in business and the number of clients that use the software and the industry they serve.  This is a good indicator of the quality of the product and service offered by the vendor.

Customer Support and Training

Customer support and training is an important consideration when choosing a vendor . A wide range of support methods exist, including telephone, e-mail, online, community forums, and more. Training may be provided in person or via the internet.

Some questions to ask your vendor

  • How many technical support representatives are available?
  • Is unlimited telephone support available?
  • Is Web support available?
  • What is the average response time of a technical support call?
  • Is local support available
  • What types of payroll training do you offer customers?
  • What training materials do you provide?
  • What training options are available above and beyond basic payroll training

Some companies provide learning documents and videos for their customers to learn at their own pace; other companies even give the option of onsite training When choosing a vendor be sure to inquire about the cost of these options as well, since some companies include it in one cost, and others charge additional fees. Travel expenses can be reduced or eliminated if a local representative is nearby and available to implement and support the software onsite when needed.


When selecting a payroll software vendor, it’s a good idea to check the references of other companies using the system. Most vendors will make these references available to you, so be sure to take advantage of this by calling several of them to discuss their experiences with the vendor and the software. To get the most applicable information, ask your vendor for the names of companies similar to yours. You can also request references with similar payroll needs, such as specific options or features that you’re considering.

Software upgrades and enhancements

Upgrade management is certainly a critical aspect of any payroll software, and plays a big part in how successful the software will be at meeting your ongoing needs. When evaluating software vendors, be sure to inquire about the process for updating their software.  Following questions are must to ask before choosing a vendor

  • Are upgrades automatic?
  • Are they available on downloadable basis or are they sent by email
  • Are upgrades chargeable?

The perfect software is out there but the planning and selection process can be a long and drawn out project and if not executed properly, might defeat the very purpose of implementation.

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Sage Pocket Payroll Software enables Provet Pharma to accurately compute & process Employee Payroll

Chennai based Pharma company into animal healthcare products utilizes Sage Pocket Payroll and Income tax modules to accurately compute salaries, Income Tax and Provident fund.

New Delhi, September  2010– Sage India, today, announced that Provet Pharma Private Limited, Chennai based manufacturing and marketing company into animal healthcare products has successfully deployed Sage Pocket to automate their Payroll and Income Tax functions. Provet Pharma uses the application to compute salaries, generate pay-slips, calculate PF and ESI and also keep track of income tax calculations, deductions and maintain record of investments.

Payroll processing being an error prone activity- The finance and the administration team were fully aware of the challenges they could face in computation of salaries including variable pay, errors relating to the full and final settlement or if an employee joined in mid-term. The company decided to go in for a payroll application as they kick started their operations. Sage Pocket enables the team to accurately compute various components of the payroll function thus improving the overall operational efficiency. Important reports relating to PF extract, PF Challan and Pay-Slips are generated from the system.

Dr. Muthu Selvan, Director- Provet Pharma mentioned” Although relatively we are a new set up but from the very beginning we were clear that we would deploy a payroll application to smoothen the payroll function. We selected Sage Pocket because the product is very user friendly, was deployed quickly and had all the feature sets that we were looking at.” He further stated- “Implementation done by the Zensys team- Sage business partner was up to the mark and very satisfactory”

Mr. Thomas Abraham, Managing Director- Sage India stated– “ Sage Pocket is an ‘easy to implement and use’ product that is popular with small and medium businesses. Sage has a significant installed base of customers in Tamil Nadu across different industries. We have also built up implementation partners for Sage Pocket to support all our prospects and customers in line with our overall business model. Sage Pocket also has online modules to address the requirements of growing organizations seeking a Personnel Information portal, Online Leave tracking system and Reimbursement management.”

About Sage India

Sage India. is a subsidiary of the £1, 295m Sage Group plc, a leading international supplier of business management software solutions and related products and services for small to mid-sized businesses. Formed in 1981, Sage was floated on the London Stock Exchange in 1989 and the group now has 6.2 million customers and employs over 13000 people worldwide. Sage is one of the market leaders in the UK, US, Europe and South Asia. It works with over 30,000 reseller partners and over 40,000 accountants worldwide.

Sage has been present in India since 2001 with Head office in New Delhi and branches in Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai and over 40 employees in India across Sales, Pre Sales, Technical Support, Professional Services, R&D and Finance. Sage has over 50 partners in India who sell and implement its ERP, CRM & Payroll solutions and over 2000 customers who use its products in India.

Sage products in India are,

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2.          Sage CRM

3.          Sage

4.          Sage Pocket

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Choosing the right Payroll Software for your Business

As you move from one phase of the business lifecycle to another phase, the payroll process becomes more complicated and tedious. If you do not use payroll software, you would end up wasting a lot of time doing paper work. By deploying the right payroll program, payroll processes become easier and quick. Processes that usually take several days can be carried out in minutes with the help of software. This is why payroll software has become the need of the hour.

When choosing payroll software, there are numerous considerations that must be taken into account when narrowing down the choices. Companies need to evaluate features that are important to their business, and decide on software that meets their needs within budget. However, it is important to consider other factors as well that can make a huge impact on the overall success of payroll software selection.

Employee Productivity Calculation – One of the most important factors a good payroll system takes into account is the number of employee hours given to the organization that is the number of overtimes as well as the number of under times, the times of sick leave, attendance etc.

Integration capabilities – It is important to think about the ability of the payroll software to integrate to the HR and general ledger software used by the company. In particular, consider the benefits of choosing a payroll system that includes integrated HR functions as a built-in, or optional component. Payroll, HR and accounting have tremendous overlap and sharing the data ensures that all systems are in sync and using the most recent and accurate data.

Salary Calculations – You should also be able to set different pay rates for different employees. For instance, in the accounts department, the salary structure of an accounts head would be different from accounts executives. The software should calculate salaries based on the profile of the employees. This saves you from a lot of hassles as it reduces the number of pay codes used to record an employee’s pay. With the help of the payroll software, you should also be able to generate custom reports.

Payroll Tax Management – It is certainly a critical aspect of any payroll software, and plays a big part in how successful the software will be at meeting your ongoing needs.

Support – Because of the critical nature of payroll operations, excellent support is a must. Implementation and Post implementation support by the vendor is often an important consideration, it includes installation of the software and implementation, as well as on-going support.

Buying the right kind of payroll software definitely proves to be a good investment. When selecting and deploying a new payroll software solution, there are many factors taken into consideration. One of the factors is choosing a vendor known for experience in the payroll software industry with a reputation for reliable business solutions and world-class support.

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Enhanced employee productivity through Payroll Software

From payroll to benefits to more complex HR compliance, managing human resources is a multi-faceted responsibility .Efficient human resources management can make all the difference between a well run and a poorly run organization . Recruitment, training, compensation, and motivation, all form varied parts of the HR department functions; the common objective remains one that is to derive the greatest value from the human capital of the organization.

As your business will grow, you cannot go on using spreadsheets to manage your human resource in the organization. It’s a challenge to handle issues such as payroll, track records, training needs, recruitment process, and other HR functions in a company that’s expanding at a fast rate. The presence of automated tools boosts your HR productivity by meeting the needs of your workforce.

In the absence of an HCM software solution, you may be compiling data in spreadsheets, or even manually with forms and paper filing systems. Recording and transferring data accurately into usable reports by either of these means is a labor intensive and time-consuming endeavor. Staying HR-compliant, processing payroll, and administering benefits in this manner can tie up valuable HR administrative hours that could be better spent developing and retaining top talent or contributing higher level strategizing to your leadership team.

Some of you might argue that you have the best people in the HR department who take care of tracking records. But, they are humans too! They are as prone to making errors as every other person in the organization. No matter how skillful a person is, factors like stress, laxity, fatigue can take a toll on anyone, leading to wrong encoding of data, unorganized procedures, missing files, inaccurate evaluation of employee performance, under paid employees, and other such errors. This may result in dissatisfaction and dispute among the employees.

Additionally, more strategic talent management functions, such as recruiting, employee development, and evaluating performance and compensation, are becoming mission critical in the rapidly growing competition for skilled people and are nearly impossible to manage effectively with the above out-dated method.

For any company to succeed, it should satisfy the needs of its workforce and provide a favorable environment to extract their full potential. This depends on the efficiency of the HR department in responding to the needs of their employees. For a company that employs thousands of people, handling HR responsibilities manually can be risky and time-consuming. What we need here is something that is speedy and devoid of errors. In such a case, there can be nothing better than quality HR software.

Using payroll software can speed up the process of calculating pay accurately, and making payments on time. It can reduce the burden of understanding complex payroll legislation and payroll systems operation. As a consequence, it can also reduce administrative costs.

Payroll Software Benefits In A Nutshell

  • Improved efficiencies and paperless workflow
  • Improved company-wide communication
  • Greater employee satisfaction
  • Greater ROI in time and money
  • Cuts time in preparing track sheets
  • Reduces errors in payroll, compensation, and employee benefits
  • Cuts costs incurred in correcting errors
  • Manages workforce in a better manner
  • Improves the overall productivity of company management

More than ever before, human resources professionals need to streamline HR functions and channel more energy into developing and retaining top talent. Having an integrated HR system can add value to the company, reduce mistakes, and increase productivity, thus translating into a reduction in costs.

To stay competitive, they need superior systems and strategies already proven to positively impact business success.

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Integrating HR and Payroll –Key Considerations and benefits for companies

Traditionally HR professionals have spend most of  their time on administrative activities, but the pressure is now on for them to focus more on transformational work and so deliver more to the business. HR departments are addressing this expectation both through structural changes that enable them to standardize policies and procedures and through use of technology.

An important trend in payroll solutions is integration with HR applications. For progressive organizations HR, Payroll and Benefit functions have tremendous overlap and sharing the data ensures that all systems are in sync and using the most recent and accurate data.

Some key questions to ask when considering integrating your HR and Payroll systems could be:

• Do I believe that the flow of Management Information within my business can be improved?

• Do I know whether management reports can be produce on demand, accurately on any day?

• Does our current system save us money, enhance our employee satisfaction and contribute to improved customer satisfaction?

• Are we utilising the human capital in the HR department as effectively as possible? Does our HR and Payroll reside on different platforms?

Although HR & Payroll are dependent upon each other, they’re completely different business processes. That’s why,even though they ought to reside on the same platform, they often don’t.

Integrating benefits and payroll on a single, enterprise-level platform, if done properly, is fast, accurate, and it doesn’t require 24/7 supervision. The utilising the latest manager and employee self-service technology you can now deliver the platform’s data via the Internet: your employees don’t have to fill out paperwork, or trouble your HR staff on routine administrative matters. Everything they need is available via any desktop browser.

The volume of paperwork generated during the administration of traditional payroll systems and your human resource management function is phenomenal – both for the employer and the employee. Automating the Payroll process with the HR function will result in greatly reduced paper administration – at all employee levels – and will virtually eliminate all the input errors. Additional integration benefits include the automatic update of employee records and entitlements. For example when an individual is terminated, their payroll and benefits are automatically terminated at the same time. This means that you are no longer susceptible to cashflow leakage as a result of this commonly made error.

Payroll Software like Pocket payroll software from Sage can help you in better integration.

There are many benefits of having integrated HR capabilities with the payroll software or service, including:

  • No duplicate data entry – Changes made to the common HR and payroll database need to be entered only once. This eliminates errors and the need for duplicate entry of employee, pay rate, benefits and deduction information
  • Less paperwork — With payroll and HR data stored in the same database you can reduce unnecessary paperwork. For example, if HR enters a new benefit for an employee, the payroll deduction amount can be automatically established as part of the benefit plan. There is no need to submit another paper document to the payroll department.
  • Integrated Reporting — Consolidated reporting is valuable to management, but is virtually impossible without an integrated database and reporting tools. For example, management needs a report outlining each employee’s “total compensation package.” This report must contain employee information, benefits data from HR and compensation data including regular, overtime, bonus, commissions from payroll. You can only create this type of consolidated reporting with an integrated solution.

Tips for an effective integration of payroll and HR systems:

  • Prepare to re-organise as part of the project.
  • Set realistic timetables – rushing will limit the value of the benefits realization.
  • Set a benefits realisation plan for the project and monitor it during the course of the project, not just at the end.
  • Tie in resources from your supplier.
  • Ensure your policy and strategy requirements are met by the functionality of the product.

The best performing companies all have HR departments that have the mandate to work strategically to fulfill the overall objectives of the organization. For your company to maintain competitive edge in today’s market, your corporate HR department must also be granted this opportunity.

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Time and Attendance Solution in the Payroll Solution

Due to intense competition companies are striving to achieve ever higher levels of productivity and operational efficiency whilst reducing costs, just to stay in the market. Time and attendance system can help organizations achieve improvement in the effectiveness of their workforce.

For many businesses, automating the employee attendance data–when employees begin and end their shifts–is still a manual process. Even businesses that have automated or computerized processes such as scheduling, inventory, purchasing, general ledger and payroll processing still use manual methods–such as time cards or attendance sheets–to collect time and attendance data.

Manually tracking employee attendance is an inefficient and a highly labor-intensive process that is error-prone. There are several immediate and long-range problems created when manual collection of employee time and attendance is not replaced with an automated system, like Data entry errors, Payroll errors that need to be reversed and corrected, Cheating by employees, Unauthorized overtime, Inability to track workforce productivity and Inability to determine true employee cost.

Time and attendance software uses several different methods to enhance the ability of a business to accomplish employee attendance tracking. A time and attendance solution not only automates data collection; it also helps you better manage your employees. Time keeping software can use electronic timecards and with the help of these tools, time and attendance software gathers the necessary information to calculate payroll correctly.

Automating the attendance process, thereby ensure accurate collection of raw data which is then sent to payroll software. How accurate can the finished payroll be if the data used to compute the payroll is not as accurate and unbiased as possible?

Components of Time and Management System

  • Workforce scheduling
  • Capture Time
  • Time Evaluation
  • Leave Management
  • Labor Cost Reporting

Automating the collection of employee attendance data offers many immediate and long-term benefits:

  • Companies can increase the accuracy of payroll reporting and protect it from potential payroll fraud by reducing proxy punching and time inflation.
  • Regulatory compliance with proof of attendance
  • Labor analytics can be used to track and evaluate the performance and work activities of associates and thus understand productivity issues, identify associate problems
  • Accurate raw data is fed into payroll processing
  • Diminish paycheck errors that need to be addressed
  • Dramatic decrease in time cheating by employees
  • Fair and uniform application of work rules and overtime authorization
  • Accurate data on employee productivity
  • Tracking of true labor costs right down to a specific product, project, task or process

Close integration among payroll, attendance, and leave management allows you to define your payroll formulae with ease. You can pay your employee for every minute of overtime he does. Also, you can cut pay for every minute he is late. Sage Pocket Payroll Software seamlessly integrates with Time and Attendance software to help businesses exchange time and attendance data with payroll software system for accurate, efficient payroll calculation.

Payroll Software to Choose for Time and Attendance Solution

In India, You can go with various payroll software options from local software vendors, but if you are looking for a good brand you should always choose a well establish brands with better support and software updates happening at a regular interval. Sage India provides payroll software known as Pocket Payroll Software. you can visit